Our Staff

  Bill Nodrick, BA [Hons.], MSc, PhD

Dr. Nodrick began practicing as a Chartered Psychologist in 1979. He is a Certified Stepfamily Counsellor, a qualified Psychodiagnostician, and has training as a Hypnotist. His areas of specialization include: stepfamilies, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, marital and family therapy, occupational rehabilitation, stress and anger management, truamatization, and chronic pain. He has many years of experience as a counsellor, program consultant, group therapist, and clinical supervisor. He has been responsible for a wide range of innovative assessment, outpatient, day-treatment, residential, and employee assistance programs (EAPs). In addition, Dr. Nodrick has completed several large-scale research studies, and has published in school psychology and family therapy journals. He is frequently in demand as a teacher and lecturer, and is well known for his gentle manner and sense of humour. Dr. Nodrick is a Director of Academy Counselling Corporation and the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta.

  Bev Nodrick, BA, RSW 

Bev completed her BSW at the University of Calgary and began her practice as a Registered Social Worker in 1994. She then travelled to New York and studied under Jeanette Lofas to become a Certified Stepfamily Counsellor.  Her areas of specialization include: stepfamilies, women's issues, aging, grief and loss, and couple therapy. She has many years of experience in working with groups, and is regarded by many as a gifted counsellor. Bev has completed training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She co-developed and is currently  teaching courses for stepfamily couples (Building Stepfamilies That Work), and for women who are involved in a stepfamily relationship but who have never given birth to a child of their own (When He Has Kids and You Don't). Bev is a Director of Academy Counselling Corporation and the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta.

  Vic Grossi, BSc, MA, PhD, C. Psych.

Dr. Grossi completed his B.Sc. degree at the University of Calgary, his Masters in Experimental Psychology at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, and then his Ph.D. in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Calgary. He started his professional practice in 1982. His professional interests include: adolescent psychopathology and suicide, motivational systems, behavioral modification, cognitive therapy, clinical-forensic issues, and personality theory. At present, he is practicing in both Alberta and British Columbia where his duties include: teaching, working with incarcerated youth, conducting vocational assessments, and providing counselling in the areas of depression, suicide, pain management, return to work problems, relationship problems, and family issues. Dr. Grossi has authored and co-authored a number of scholarly articles and reports. He and his wife have three children. As a family, they enjoy spending time golfing, skiing, and going on long walks.


  Bruce Cowper-Smith, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW

In his 25 years of experience as a counsellor, Bruce has worked in many settings including hospitals, counselling agencies, and mental health clinics. He is our Red Deer connection where he currently operates Cowper-Smith Counselling, provides consulting and counselling for an international rehabilitation and physical therapy agency, and is a service provider for several large Employee Assistance programs. He holds Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Calgary, and a Masters degree in Social Work from Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario. He is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy who strives to integrate his counselling skills with his Christian faith. When he's not counselling, he enjoys several racket sports, woodworking and sailing. Married for close to 30 years, Bruce and his wife have three grown children. Together, he and his wife enjoy making their garden into a special place to entertain and relax.


  Carrie Smith, BA

Carrie graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. After graduating, she underwent training in psychometrics and test administration at Access Counselling and Consulting. Carrie is the Psychometrician for Academy Counselling, a position she has held for over 10 years. Carrie is married and the mother of three children. She is also an officer of the International Labradoodle Association.