Building Stepfamilies That Work

The Stepparent Survey (SPS)

What is the Stepparent Survey? 

The Stepparent Survey (SPS) is an on-line survey that asks questions about your stepfamily and its circumstances. It  is one of the methods we use to heighten the individual focus and attention that each couple taking the Building Stepfamilies That Work course receives. Hundreds of other stepparents have completed it, so we can evaluate the information you provide on the SPS against an extensive base of information provided by other stepfamilies.

How do I complete it? 

1) Scroll to the start of the survey below. 

2) Answer each of the questions as indicated. 

3) When you have finished the last question, hit the “Submit” button to forward your answers for scoring. 

4) Then ask your partner to (independently) complete the survey.

We will review your answers and provide you with any thoughts, comments and suggestions we feel would be of help for your stepfamily.

Should my partner and I complete the SPS together? 

No. We prefer that you each complete the SPS independently, because the differences between your answers will help us to understand your family and circumstances much better.

How long will it take? 

Most people are able to complete the SPS within 30 to 45 minutes.


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Problem or Concern: Outline any problem(s) or concern(s) you would like us to address, if possible, in our reply.

122. What advice would you offer to another person (of your gender) just entering into a stepfamily situation?


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That's it.